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NCPD Board

NCPD's hard-working Board of Directors includes a cross-section of the church: Cardinal/Bishops, diocesan directors of disability ministry, people with disabilities and family members, pastoral workers, and other concerned individuals.  The Board decides policies that guide NCPD in its work and passes resolutions on current issues relevant to the Church and Disability. (See also NCPD Board Resolutions under Views/News/Policy.)  Elected members can serve up to two, three-year terms.  The Board has an Executive Committee (the first four persons listed below), and three ministry specific committees (EducationEthics and Public Policy, and Mission).

 Cardinal Dinardo

Episcopal Moderator:
Cardinal Daniel N. DiNardo, STL

Archbishop of Galveston/Houston

Sr. Kathleen Schipani, IHM

Sr. Kathleen Schipani, IHM

Pastoral Care for Persons w/ Disabilities
Archdiocese of Philadelphia, PA


Greg Schott

R. Greg Schott, 

Naples, FL


Senior Investment Consultant
Senior Vice President

Serves on the Board of the Schott Center for Persons who are Deaf or Disabled & the Board of the National Catholic Office for the Deaf.

Marsh Rivas

Marsha Rivas, 
Toledo, OH

Director, Equal Access Ministries,
Diocese of Toledo;

Interim Secretariat Leader, 
Secretariat for Evangelization & Parish Life, Diocese of Toledo

 Bishop Mitch Rozanski

Bishop Mitchell Rozanski 

Bishop of Springfield, Massachusetts

 Walter Bonam

Walter Bonam

Associate Director of Religious Education for the Archdiocese of New Orleans.

Presenter/speaker on forgiveness and reconciliation with perspectives drawn from partial paralysis that occured as a result of a break in at his house that led to a shooting.

Former principal of St. Peter Claver School.
Serves on the Implementation Committee of the Office of Racial Harmony.

 Michael Boyle


Michael J. Boyle

Andrew M. Greeley Center for Catholic Education


Deacon Bill FlemingDeacon William R. Fleming, III
Baltimore, MD

Director of the Office of Disabilities Ministry for the Archdiocese of Baltimore


John FoppeJohn P. Foppe
Breese, IL

Executive Director, 
Society of St. Vincent de Paul
Archdiocesan Council of St. Louis

CEO of Visionary Velocity Worldwide


Randy HainRandy Hain

President and founder of Serviam Partners, a management consulting and executive coaching firm.

He is Senior Editor for the Integrated Catholic Life™, which he co-founded with Deacon Mike Bickerstaff in 2010

Randy is a prolific writer with seven books to his credit and frequent presenter on a number of topics including faith, family, raising a child with special needs and autism, Click here for his book Special Children, Blessed Fathers.

 Carol Ruddel

Carol Ruddell, 
Sandy, UT

Project Director at 
Utah State Office of Rehabilitation

 Elizabeth R. Schiltz

Elizabeth R. Schiltz
Minneapolis, MN


University of St. Thomas School of Law Minneapolis, MN. 

Co-Director, Terrence J. Murphy Institute of Catholic Law, Thought, and Public Policy

Cindy Swanson

Cynthia Swanson
Naperville, IL

Social Worker
Disability Advocate





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