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Training Available from NCPD

NCPD offers training in various forms. There is training available online through this website, onsite through in-person workshops, and through consultation services from NCPD.

Online Training

Though the online training is interspersed throughout the website, specific trainings may be found at the following link.

Othere trainings may be found withing ministry specific pages, found by clicking here.

Also, our robust search form allows you to focus on the specific trainings you may be looking to find.

To view and take our video trainings, please click here.


Onsite Training

NCPD offers onsite training for 

  • Diocesan Staff responsible for Disability Ministry.
  • Seminarian training

To find out more about these trainings please contact us.



NCPD is available to do a diocesan assessment and report of the state of disability ministry in a diocese with recommendations for possible steps for future growth.


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